Pay when you use your heating oil, not when it’s delivered.

Pay when you use your fuel, not when it’s delivered.

You hold onto your own money longer- often hundreds of dollars for months at a time.

Never run out of heating oil—guaranteed!

Convenience, Security and Comfort

Our automatic delivery program makes it easy to stay warm. And, now, you won’t pay for fuel that just sits in your tank.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not completely happy, and want to switch back to paying the old way for any reason, you are free to do that at any time, paying only for the fuel that has already been delivered.

It’s easy—sign up today!

It’s easy—sign up today!

Sign up for Paygo today and start holding on to your money longer.

You'll get a $50 Account Credit by referring friends and family!

Share the news with someone you know, and if they become a Townsend Energy customer on automatic delivery, you’ll get a $50 Oil Credit through our referral program.**
**New referral customers must meet minimum gallon requirements and be on automatic delivery for a minimum of 12 months.

Hold onto your money longer

Paygo enables Townsend Energy to bill you like the other utilities do — once a month, and only for the fuel you’ve actually used.
For example, if you get a $600 delivery one month, but only use $300 worth, that’s all you pay. Likewise, if you get a delivery in spring, but don’t use anything until fall, you won’t pay a cent for that delivery for four or five months.

Paygo gives us the technology to bill you in the fairest way possible, and it doesn’t cost you anything extra. It’s free to our customers. You pay the same price, but don’t pay for fuel that just sits in your tank. You don’t pay more, you just have more time to pay. We think our customers will welcome this change, and refer their friends and family.

It is one more reason Townsend Energy is the best choice for smart homeowners in our area. Take charge of your fuel bills by enrolling now.